How to turn off audio description on vizio tv 

Tap your display Settings Recognition & sharing ; How to turn your TV on with Google Home Apr 13, 2021 · A TV Voice Guide is simply a voice assistant or narrator on any TV, including the Samsung Smart TVs, that gives users an audio description of all the menu items and options. Feb 17, 2021 · Even if you turn off ACR, your smart TV will continue to collect information for its manufacturer, possibly including your location, which apps you open, and more. Although the Switch can only output an audio signal through the HDMI cable, you do have a few limited options for changing what that audio signal can do. Search for my Android phone is in Talk back mode I double touch all the phone and shot me for the whole How do I turn Audio Description off? Audio Description is a setting on your TV. If you want to limit who can share their screen, video, and audio, we recommend using the webinar platform. In Aug 31, 2006 · In 8/2009 the TV started acting up. BACK or returned to play previous menu. Aug 02, 2012 · Re: Can't turn off SAP (or DVS or descriptive audio) 04-20-2019 10:20 AM. Talk back is turned off but it still narrates. Decrease the value of B-Gain to your choice. Also in windows go to Display and loo. Open Accessibility Settings. Aug 31, 2017 · To turn off the Audio description for blind people via your SAMSUNG UE40J5100 LED TV, simply take the remote control of your TV, press the “Menu” button. How to Apr 19, 2020. … read more If the Vizio TV menu is working but you cannot turn off the audio description from the TV menu, the issue could be from another source or input. Bass - Adjust the level of low notes (lower frequency sounds). Select System. Press Menu on the Apple TV remote. Select 2 Point and click B-Gain. Nov 02, 2020 · Make sure all connections are secure between your receiver and your TV. Learn how to switch inputs on your product to hear the different sound sources you have connected. Samsung offers a full guide to their accessibility options HERE. Press the xfinity button on your remote. To get the maximum benefit in Windows 10, you need to turn indexing off completely. de 2021 VIZIO; Xbox One; Xbox 360. Using any of these Shortcuts you can To Turn Off the Monitor, double click on your new Destop Shortcut. , 2 for LG). VIZIO Sound Bar BETTER Optical/SPDIF Cable GOOD 3. Add apps on VIA+. So IF this works turning all CC'S off, I still dont get my CC's visually. Navigate to Settings from the menu. (Page 44) To turn on or off the TV Remote function, press and hold SOUND EFFECT for about 3 seconds and press it again. Vizio is the No. Also, the owners of Samsung TVs from 2008 to 2013 need to follow the steps below in order to turn off Audio Description. Nov 19, 2020 · Turn on audio descriptions. Make sure your selected audio option does not contain Audio Description. Turn the TV and your audio device off. Make sure the mute button hasn’t been pressed or the volume turned down on your TV, U-verse remote control, or other connected audio equipment. Steps to Mirror Windows 10 screen to your TV using Google Chromecast. Dolby Vision. Step 4. Use the On-Screen Remote to enter numbers and control content playback. will vary depending on availability and the type of TV box you have. Select Accessibility, and press OK. If the video that you're watching includes audio descriptions: While watching the video, tap the screen to reveal the playback controls. Find the "CC" icon in the top-right corner of the video player. Jan 01, 2021 · About Hdr10 Vizio Turn Off . The system will always boot into EmuELEC until we remove the SD card. Resume . Turn lg tv on without remote. 4) Multi-Output Audio: Set to OFF. Then browse to Settings. It did trigger HDR10 on my Vizio TV, but Dolby Vision is not supported . Hit on the arrows on the right to the audio option. You can then switch devices from the notification shade. In Windows 11 we will need to open the Windows Security app for this. Jan 09, 2022 · Off – captions never appear. May 27, 2020 · I don’t believe I have anything on. Press the CC button again to disable it. Select Captions, then choose an available language or select Off. Get a detailed interpretation on how you can connect your Windows laptop or Apple MacBook's with TV wirelessly as well as using TV cable connection. With codes: Turn on TV. Did you know that Windows 10 has a built-in feature named Wireless Display, which allows you to cast your Windows 10 to your Samsung TV without using any cable?Video editing made simple. Turn on or off the built-in TV speakers. Accessibility 3. Only on Wonder Woman. Track Info:Title: Home by @KVmusicprod Genre and Moo. Treble - Adjust the level of high notes (higher frequency sounds). Descriptive Audio is a feature that each streaming service implements on its own, so if you hear it and want to disable it, you need to do it from within the To turn off the Audio description for blind people via your LG TV 24MT49DF TV, simply take the remote control of your TV, press the "Menu" button. Off. How To Root Vizio Smart Tv. Audio visualizers are an engaging way to make videos out of your music. STEP 3. Press and hold the [Setup] button until the LED indicator turns green. This is handy while watching movies on the big screen. I would suggest that Insignia not send out TVs with the Voice Guide on, frustrating customers from the get-go, but that's just me. Jan 17, 2016 · Yes, the problem is the nefarious nature of CEC & HDMI handshakes, and how easily they are broken. Search for my Android phone is in Talk back mode I double touch all the phone and shot me for the whole Press the xfinity button on your remote. Since it How To Turn Off Audio Description On Vizio Tv; How To Turn Off Audio Description On Vizio Tv How To Turn Off Audio Descrip Paramount Games Pull Tabs Now TURN OFF of your TV and turn it ON. Jun 25, 2020 · 1. · Use your remote 6 de nov. It provides audio feedback while switching to connected devices such as a set-top box or streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. pause(); audio. Highlight SRS TruSurround HD and use the Right or Left Arrow button on the remote to change the Apr 25, 2021 · To turn off the Audio description for blind people via your PANASONIC TX TV, simply take the remote control of your TV, press the “Menu” button. In the “Parental Controls” menu, you need to select “Off” next to “Rating Enable” for the feature to work. Do you have an HD cable box, but the. Make yourself more productive by attaching an external screen to your laptop. Your Mac can play audio wirelessly via Bluetooth, so if you have Bluetooth speakers or headphones, you can use those to listen to music or anything else on your Mac. This is not possible, if you wanted audio without audio description then the correct track needed to be selected when it was ripped, as the audio description track is a completely separate track in it's own right. Here is some information on how to turn on or off Audio Description on some common equipment Freesat Receivers: On some boxes, try Menu > Settings > Language. How to Turn Off Voice Guide / Narrator on Smart TV / Samsung / LG, etc. May 06, 2021 · Turn off netflix descriptive audio. If you want to turn off the feature, tap the option again. and all these steps are in your cable box too. Press 9 9 1 (the TV button will blink twice). But the most popular way is wirelessly. 1 Compact Sound Bar, from VIZIO, America’s #1 Sound Bar Brand. QLED and The Frame. I get over the air TV channels, and stream using both my smart TV and a Roku device. Highlight Viewing Data. There are three ways to turn voiceover on or off: Not all tv programs have audio description and just like closed captions, audio description can be turned on/off using your tv settings. The laptop screen turns off. Using cable gives you access to channels, but you incur a monthly expense that has the possibility of going up in costs. Connect your TV back to its power source and power on the television. You can get to Audio Language (SAP) Reset from Language, Audio or Accessibility Settings. Please go to DVR's menu After that, you will find a blue icon on the channel when it starts recording. The easiest way to turn audio description on or off is to use voice control. 4. View the manual for the VIZIO D39HN-E0 here, for free. How to turn off smartcast on vizio tv How to turn off smartcast on vizio tv. Language settings including closed captioning, secondary audio programming and menu language can all be set through the language settings in BlueCurve TV. Just as important as the display is the sound, and you'll want to get your audio settings just right to hear the dialogue, music and sound I turned everything off on it. If not, repeat the steps above using a different code for your TV from the list 6. (You can also get here at any time just by holding down the voice control button and saying "Voice Guidance. Mar 17, 2017 · If you wouldn't want to see it on the screen or on the task bar, you can hide it by performing these steps: Right-click on the task bar. interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures Feb 06, 2017 · You can easily turn this feature on or off by following the steps below for your unit on the VIA Plus or SmartCast platform. How to turn off the narrator. We show you how to make it work. Captions are the on-screen text version of the audio content of a program. Open Sound Settings. Remote will show on/off signals. User Manual - Page 23 VIZIO P50 HDM User Guide 3. Open the Google Home app . If audio description is available for the show or movie you're watching, you can enable it on Please tell me how to turn the narration/audio description off? from the AppleTV App on my iPhone using AirPlay to my Vizio tv. Add subtitles, transcribe audio and more. Press the Menu button on your Samsung TV remote. Play audio across multiple speakers throughout your home in perfect sync. Community Experts online right now. Support. If you’re not sure how to turn Audio Description on or off, then the first place to try should be the TV manual. VIZIO. Press ENTER to display all the accessibility features availableCan you turn off Audio Description? From your device's home screen, tap Settings. How to Cast on Vizio TV. Simply press Exit to 13 de abr. Discover the wonder of 4K entertainment with the VIZIO V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV, combining 4K Ultra HD resolution and full array backlighting with Dolby HDR. Why is my Vizio TV stuck on SmartCast is starting up? It may be a problem with your network Dec 29, 2020 · To turn off the Audio description for blind people via your SAMSUNG UE40J5100 LED TV, simply take the remote control of your TV, press the “Menu” button. This button may also be called the options button or star button. 1 Compact Sound Bar, from VIZIO, America's #1 Sound Bar Brand. The two easiest ways are to turn on audio description via the accessibility features on your remote or television set. Earn 5% cash backon Walmart. Remarkable_Outside77. It's take under Accessibility but far under Audio so open you don't see something under one menu try the type Pick away the best Roku devices. Unity has a built in method for triggering events when a If you're triggering one-off sounds from a single object you can use PlayOneShot to trigger them. Jan 24, 2017 · Audio description suddenly always show up on Netflix series. To get the most out of your new VIZIO product, read these instructions before using your product and retain them for future Your VIZIO Smart TV works with Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa to control your TV and more. But if the recording is actually still playing, the YouView box interprets your keypress as 'SUBtitles'. How to Reprogram My Vizio Remote | Techwalla. I connected the optical wire, but it will not work. Make sure the Dec 16, 2021 · Pressing the OK key will bring up the option to install it. Turn off the TV set, then turn it on again after 15 to 30 minutes. This brings up Audio Description and Subtitle dialogue. Many older TVs still suck a lot of electricity even when they are switched off. 1 set, the price of this TV blew me away. It's: Vizio Sound Bar to Toshiba Smart TV Jan 08, 2019 · Step 4. Exit the menu and return to the How to Turn off Voice Guide on Samsung TV (All Models top technastic. MyDISH. May 18, 2017 · Off : If you don't want to use this option then select Off Set the TV to turn off automatically when there has been no user input for a specified amount of time. Feb 22, 2020 · To turn off the Audio description for blind people via your SAMSUNG UE40J5100 LED TV, simply take the remote control of your TV, press the “Menu” button. Mar 18, 2021 · If the video has any audio options those will appear on the screen. Mar 02, 2020 · How to Turn Off Voice Guidance on Your Vizio TV. Highlight "CC" using the arrow buttons on the remote, then press the left and right arrow buttons until "Off" appears directly beneath CC. If you are using a home theatre system, check to see that the power is on and the correct output is selected. Lift. I want to turn on 29 de mai. LEARN HOW. CBS makes video description available as a secondary audio service (also sometimes referred to as a secondary audio program or SAP) for Big sound and bass in a compact package with the incredible VIZIO V-Series 2. The type of phone and TV that you have determines how you connect the two devices. Jul 02, 2021 · How to Turn Samsung TV Voice Guide On & Off. Sep 24, 2010 · If your LCD TV is connected to Sky HD whether you subscribe to HD or not, press the help button on the Sky HD it will bring up Audio Description if says on press the right direction button to turn off then press Select. Samsung is one ofHow to turn off the narrator · Power on the TV and press the MENU button on your Vizio remote · Use the arrow buttons to highlight the System option and press the Can you turn off Audio Description? What is SAP on Vizio TV? What size TVS does Vizio make?2 de mar. Manually press and hold the “Power” button on your television for at least 30 seconds. Navigate your way to the "Settings" menu and press "Enter. Press RIGHT arrow to change setting to Off. - Select the aspect ratio that applies to the video image you want to view in full-screen by using the arrow buttons on the remote and pushing the "OK" button to selectHow to turn off Scene Narration on Roku. You can also navigate your device using gestures and hear spoken feedback about the items you touch and open. Aug 19, 2013 · On the otherhand the description audio track sounds just like a Russian rip SONY 75" Full array 200Hz LED TV, Yamaha A1070 amp, Zidoo UHD3000, BeyonWiz PVR V2 (Enigma2 clone), Chromecast, Windows 7 Ultimate, QNAP NAS TS851 Jan 27, 2011 · If the TV is in a different room than your computer, than instead of writing this stuff down, you can use the menu in the Set top box.  Set "TV AUDIO" in the AMP menu according to how the Sound Bar is connected with a TV (page 26) If you turn on the system while you are watching the TV, the TV sound is output from the speakers of the system automatically. If using an A/V receiver, double-check the receiver is on. Usually the If you are a Vizio TV subscriber and you have problems with its accessibility features, To turn off Smart Interactivity through the VIZIO Plus TV feature: Press the Menu button on your remote control or open the HDTV Settings app. Change appearance of closed captions. When the sidebar menu appears on your screen, scroll down and select Accessibility . With VIZIO SmartCast Mobile™, you can control your entire entertainment experience with your iPhone. Note: Jul 14, 2002 · 1 Video description is the description of key visual elements in programming, inserted into natural pauses in the audio of programming designed to make television programming more accessible to a few of the Vizio smart tv leaves the powered ON while your Vizio Smart tv is turned off in stand by mode. Simply scroll down and select the Install App option to add it to your Vizio TV. Closed captioning can be turned on or off using the VIZIO TV menu and remote 1 de mai. 1. I have DD set on my tv settings and the auto volume is turned off. Nov 19, 2020 · Go to Settings. Is it better to have VSync on or off?Want to learn how to record your screen, ether video, audio, or both? Here's how to do screen recording, and the steps you need to take to get ready to screen record, including adding the Screen Screen Recording Audio on Your iPhone: Turn Voice Recording & App Sounds Recording On & Off. It will also disable the Standard Captioning: Displays the audio portion of a television program as text. I took the back cover off and found a broken component on the power supply board. Otherwise, there is no solution available. The transport bar will pop upon the lower third of the screen. Turn on your TV. It is not the Apple TV voice over. Ultra HD content providers including Netflix, Vudu. Should you turn it on or off? Audiophiles, on average, don't like AGC because it isn't "smart. For other news regarding How do I turn off voice narration that just suddenly started?, and XFinity - Comcast cable tv services, see the recommended stories below. Either way, you'll be able to turn off the sensitive content error as long as it's on the web version of Twitter. then go for a coffee. Disable through the Control Panel. From your TV menu, press the "Home" button on your remote. Use the following steps to review and turn off your accessibility settings: Press the HOME button. The person who posted this question about this Vizio product did not include a detailed explanation. To prevent others on your Wi-Fi network to control your media casting, you can turn off Cast media control notifications on your Chromecast or your speaker or display. Using HDMI ARC Step 1. Feel free to let us know if you need further assistance. Roku If you have a Roku 4 (pictured above), then you're in luck — the Roku 4 has a brand-new feature that allows you to fully turn off your device with just a few clicks. LG, Sony, and Vizio all sell OLED TV models in the US. Nov 15, 2017 · Vizio TV is delivered with audio output signal settings that control the sound speakers of this set, and the Advanced audio settings to connect the TV to an external amplifier and speakers along with an audio system Home Theater. There are two ways to turn these features off; to proceed, select either of the methods below and follow the steps. If it's not responsive because it's stuck on a grey, blue or white screen, just hold down theAudio Description is a live verbal commentary, providing information which describes the key visual information contained on the screen, which a blind or partially sighted viewer may otherwise miss. Step 2: A Dialogue icon should appear. Press the A button on your Xbox controller. pa The latency is determined as default-fragments * default-fragment-size-msec, and the interrupt rate (i. How To Turn Off Siri. The quickest way to access Language Settings is pressing the microphone button on your BlueCurve TV Remote and saying "Settings" and then using the arrow keys to select "Language". Help! - Answered by a verified TV Technician. Go to the Home menu. Almost all of Vizio’s new TVs now use the Google-powered SmartCast system. If I don't change it to 1080p using the display setting on the guide, the tv will eventually turn off showing (Resolution Not Supported). Connect the HDMI cable to a different port on your TV*. Select Audio Description so it shows as On. Learn how to set up your product, connect components and enjoy the benefits of all its features. Jul 12, 2021 · Under Captions & Subtitles, select On or Off. Ask Your Question Fast! To turn off the sap feature on your vizio smart tv, follow the steps below. CBS makes video description available as a secondary audio service (also sometimes referred to as a secondary audio program or SAP) for Solution 2: Another way to turn off audio narration. May 10, 2018 · Custom Settings. Voice Guide is a voice assistant or narrator on Samsung Smart TVs that gives an audio description of all the menu items and options. Read step-by-step guide on how to check your audio system abilities. You may find the "Audio Description" option there, with an option to "Enable" or "Disable"On the TV remote, there is a button labeled "ACC", which takes you Accessibility, you can also get there from the Menu button. Step 1: While watching something, press the Select button on your remote. Select Accessibility, then TalkBack. Alternatively, you can try to find the option from the on-screen menus. Consult the instruction manual of the TV for model-specific information about the operation of the SAP Jan 08, 2021 · Tips For Best Audio on Vizio 5. How to Turn Off Tivo's Screen Reader. How to take off talkback mode. Return to the Netflix app and begin playing a movie or TV show. Duplicate the spectrum layer and turn off the audio of this duplicate. cheryl pepsii riley daughter. Aug 03, 2021 · Once enabled, the Voice assistant starts giving an audio description for the TV menu and options. You can't even read the text without tilting your head or turning your display on its side. If you are hearing Audio Description, it's because this feature has been (possibly inadvertently) turned on, on your TV. Second Screen only - This lets you use the TV as the only screen. de 2021 My vizio tv narration will not turn off. The clean, low profile design fits neatly under smaller TVs. 0. Turn Accessibility Features On or Off on Your Fire Tablet With accessibility features, you can magnify the screen and increase the size of text in menus on your Fire tablet. Find SOUND OUTPUT, go into SPEAKER LIST, SEARCH & SELECT your Headphone to PAIR & CONNECT. Netflix How To Turn off Audio Description Step by Step Instructions, Guide, Tutorial In this video I walk through a simple and easy here i show how to turn off the audio guide on roku tv steps to follow 1. 2021 Update : We made a video tutorial on how you can mirror cast your Windows 10 laptop to a Smart TV. Please note: The following settings may or may not be found on your particular model of TV. Turn tv on Turn apple tv on. AD meaning “Audio description”. I can not turn off narration on disney plus using apple tv 4. Use a different HDMI cable for comparison**. Jun 28, 2019 · How do you turn off audio description on Samsung Smart TV? AD on satellite. 1 Soundbar. +4. (I did create a new thread, to help others with this exact TV & issue). The only problem is, is that is the only way I can turn my TV on. Try checking the back of the tv). 2. Step 1: To turn off the audio narrator on Samsung TV, first, go to the "Settings Menu" using the TV remote. When used correctly, VSync can help smooth out issues and keep your graphics processor from running red-hot. Dec 29, 2020 · About the VIZIO D55N-E2. How to turn off or disable Google Assistant. From the left menu, select Choose what the power buttons do. Use your up/down arrows to find audio guide. Aug 02, 2021 · How your turn off audio description on vizio tv Villa Cordis. Vizio put its tracking functionality behind a setting called “Smart Interactivity. How to turn off audio description on vizio tv How to turn off audio description on vizio tv. Read how to try to decrease the distortions for your audio devices. To start, navigate to the OBS website and download the compatible version ofDo you want to turn off the voice on Roku TV and just watch? This article offers a clear procedure that you should use to do it. When SAP is available for a show, the program description in the Program Jun 06, 2021 · If you’re watching TV on a Samsung Series 6 LED TV that doesn’t have an Accessibility menu, follow these steps to turn off Audio Description. It is powered by the 4K Processor X1 which upscales every pixel in a beautiful manner, analyzing each scene individually in a real-time, lifelike detailed way, giving you a touch of reality while enjoying your game. Audio Description (AD) now features in a range of ABC TV programmes. Select Settings using the up/down arrow button and press OK. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the 'Analog Audio' option. On your remote control, there may be wording like MTS or SAP or AUDIO or SPANISH. Turn Accessibility Features On or Off on Your Fire Tablet With accessibility features, you can magnify the screen and increase the size of text in menus on your Fire tablet. Step 3: Now, scroll down to "Voice Recognition," and just turn it off. Press the MENU button on the remote. After testing both HDR10 (through Windows 10) and Dolby Vision (Through the TV App), I find that Dolby Vision on Netflix looks 10times better. The TV displays, "Select Reset to restore all TV settings to factory defaults . Set up Routines for when you're at home or away. Samsung Smart TV - turn off voice. Brené Brown "Atlas of the Heart" Book Launch How do you remove voice over on tv - agree, rather Voice Guide is a voice assistant or narrator on Samsung Smart TVs that gives an audio description of all the menu items and options. How to set up your smart lights. Point out the remote to device and click on “CH+” & “CH-“ switches. Another likely cause of audio distortion is the external device. After all the applications have closed, relaunch the Peacock app. Prerequisite: • A smartphone running Android 5. yurchak09. Turn on your TV and select the Menu button on your remote. Move on to the next section to find out how. This process is different for all TV brands, but both Samsung and Vizio have easy-to-follow reset instructions. Jul 23, 2017 · How to Turn Off Tivo’s Screen Reader. Please be aware that for some TVs and set top boxes, audio description may Learn how to turn audio description on or off for Xfinity X1. Audio Guide 4. forward): «Here's an Android Privacy setting you should TURN OFF IMMEDIATELY Видео в TikTok от пользователя ur mom (@tomfeltonisapoopoohead): «also all of my privacy settings say they are offTo turn timer-based scheduling off add tsched=0 in /etc/pulse/default. Use the arrow buttons to scroll down to the Accessibility option. After you have held the button for 10 seconds, let go then try to power the TV on. Press the Down arrow button to select Accessibility I have audio description on & I don't know how it got there or how to turn it off. May 19, 2020 · If the standby light is on, that’s a good sign. After blinking, the red standby light will go off and no display no sound. This stream may include an audio track in another language (such as French or Spanish), or descriptive narration for the visually-impaired. Aug 31, 2017 · To turn off the Audio description for blind people via your SAMSUNG UE40J5100 LED TV, simply take the remote control of your TV, press the "Menu" button. Vizio universal remote codes are listed below, before programming Vizio tv using universal remote codes confirm to hookup and power on Vizio tv and every one the devices you would like to line up. Gaming. While aiming the remote at the TV, press and hold in the digit associated with your TV brand (e. You can manage your Closed Captioning and Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) 7 de jun. Select the audio track with the [Audio Description] tag to enable Audio Description or another audio language without the Audio Description tag to turn off Audio Description. If the audio issue is persisting on all content, please try the following troubleshooting steps: Close the Peacock application on your device and any other applications you may have running in the background. Select it again to turn it off. How do I turn off the narration on my Xfinity TV? While watching full-screen video, press the down arrowon your Xfinity remote. Turn off voice narrator on samsung smart tv. Can I turn off the speaker and keep the LED active? Yes, go to Settings > Bluetooth, un-pair/disconnect the “Tivoo-audio”. Why is there narration on my TV? If you have accidentally turned on a selection labelled as SAP, Secondary Audio Program, Described Video, Descriptive Video, Audio Description, or something similar, you’ll hear DV on the programs that feature it. de 2020 Go all the way through to the accessibility features, and you can select the “Talk Back” function to start it. 3. How do I turn Audio Description off? Turning audio description on/off varies depending on your TV make and model; TVs have different remote controls and Settings menus. If you want this function disabled, use the Select button to turn it off. Turn off Audio Proxy? StevB wrote on 10/9/2004, 12:19 PM. Goes to the USB menu. To turn either feature off, just click the option again. When your Samsung TV is turned off, the standby light should still be on – if TV is plugged into a power source, of course. 5mm Cable CONNECTING AUDIO DEVICE - M320SL 15 3 Connecting To Your Network Your TV isTurning off the TV, the device will also be turned off. 4K or HDR availability varies by app and may be subject to subscription fees, Internet service, and device capabilities. Available services: turn_on, turn_off, toggle, volume_up, volume_down, media_play_pause, play_media, media_pause, media_stop, media_next_track, media_previous_track, clear_playlist. 2. If your TV is already mounted to the wall and you can’t see the outputs, you may want to check the user manual or do an online search for your specific model. If the audio delay issue is app-specific, force-stopping the app (s) could help to fix and balance the content's audio-video sync