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Welcome to the website of Kelly J. I’m a Sexologist and Somatic Sexual Educator, masseuse, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Healer. Louis, MO. "My wife and I visited Qi Massage & Natural Healing Spa for a 90-minute couples massage to start off our 10-year anniversary celebration. Ananda Integrative Healing Group provides hands-on holistic healing and therapy for sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, orgasmic blocks, sexual trauma, late-life virginity, social/sexual anxiety, low confidence, and more. Although ejaculation is not necessarily the goal, it almost always happens anyway. Tantric massage provides a portal beyond every day common limits to access your innate pleasure (Eros) through meditative relaxation and expansion into the present moment. Through the Spiritual Sexuality teachings of the shamanic Quodoshka workshops, Pearl saw the importance of sexual healing and started working with this vital life-force energy in 2014. Live in-person group or private sessions include; reiki, shamanic healing, guided meditation, bodywork, tantra, and soul guidance. My body, now Helena does a series of workshops (or one-on-one sessions) for women, which heals past sexual experiences and gently opens you to a more genuine, A place to find healing. If you don’t want to book an appointment with a massage therapist right now, but you will in the future when the pandemic subsides, consider paying your massage therapist in advance or tipping them anyway. For men, I provide tantric bodywork and/or coaching. My name is Rosie and I provide an elite, pampering and unique sensual tantric massage in my luxurious apartment in Manchester. She know exactly how to address the issues with my back and shoulders. 2020. Her job, in her own words, “is to help people reach their full capacity for pleasure. Tantra is all about energy, and Tantric Healing works by removing blockages to our energy flow. 2005: Universal Reiki Training and Certification with Robert Allen, Seattle, WA. Specialties: Bij Tantra Healing kan je terecht aan een brede waaier van diensten die gaan van Tantra massages tot zowel individuele als koppelsessies, en van vrijblijvende kennismakingsavonden tot workshops om kennis over de autentiekeTantra te verdiepen en verspreiden. However, you can ask massage therapists near you if they can offer remote services instead, such as lessons for you and your partner. Her Temple of Tantra has now its home in Boulder (and Tantric Essences. Certainly he goes on to deal with intricate details of a marriage, relationships Tantra: The Australian School of Tantra also offering:" . I’ve had it with certification programs. crystal & sound therapy trauma healing rajahatha yoga teacher training certification Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Sound Healing, Tantra Yoga , Meditation , Wellness Coaching, Relationship Coaching in downtown Raleigh. 11 9. Pleasure Sovereignty with Liané Louw. Choose a 2-hand or 4-hand massage of different durations. Sexual Energy becomes a powerful tool for awakening True Self. Tantra’s racy reputation has pushed aside its spiritual origins. Leesburg VA Massage Therapy | Sue Coltman. 2006: Prajna Tantra Training and Certification with Prajna Tantra Temple, Seattle,WA. Learn how to embody and alternate in the Sacred role of Feminine and Masculine, Giver and Receiver. Near Windermere Main Street Florida,FL, 32836. 5 per couple 0 per couple for one session. Counseling is free with a specialty massage and only with any regular massage. Feb 06, 2012 · Goddess Events near Asheville, NC. I walking into my session feeling heavy and tired, but walked out feeling grounded, electrified, and connected to my sensual animal. A Tantric Lingam Massage is a life-changing experience for a man, offering a possibility of deep healing, pleasure and even full-body orgasms. Are you ready to dissolve boundaries in a safe space where your harmful past feelings You can click on the "About Us" and to find out about the cost of the different types of massages offered go to "Services & Rates" tab. John Mumford states … Continue reading → My Spiritual name is Ambakali(Su Ram). 120 Minute Massage. In tantra, we use the breath as a tool to release stagnant emotions. If you did not find a tantra teacher near you Learn about the art of being intimate and the art of a Tantric lifestyle. I have been waiting for you. Our organism energised. Private Tantra Sessions. r. Improve your life, release stress, ease tension, banish pain! Allow me to design a plan to accommodate your specific needs. Jan 17, 2022 · Tantric Sexology Near Me: Learn All About It If you’re interested in connecting sexually with your partner, you might look online for terms such as ‘tantric sexology near me’ or ‘best tantric sex’ to understand better what it’s all about. We provide Swedish, deep tissue, on-site chair massage & more. ~ Want to have fun with your beloved and want to try something different? Make an appointment with True Healing Massage for pain, relaxation, athletes, and more! Techniques include Swedish massage, therapeutic, hot stones, and cupping. I offer energy healing - a channeled energetic transmission of multidimensional frequencies. “First and foremost, tantra massage should be a remedial and Tantra teaches true mindfulness, breathing, chakra clearing and consciousness techniques. I’ve held a deep interest in bodywork and spirituality for nearly twenty years. Tantra/sacred Sensual Healing Work Yoga and Gentle Stretching Additionally, calling upon my training as a coach, counselor, and priestess, I am equipped to create with you sessions, ritual, and practices that will improve the alignment of your mind-body-and-spirit, the ways you communicate and express yourself, and the ways in which you allow Ananda Integrative Healing Group provides hands-on holistic healing and therapy for sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, orgasmic blocks, sexual trauma, late-life virginity, social/sexual anxiety, low confidence, and more. “ “Leslie’s heartfelt, intuitive wisdom creates a safe space for healing, insight and play. Nirvana Healing Center and it’s members are now open for in person appointments with safety and sanitization protocols in place! All practitioners at Healing the dis-ease of the spirit through talk and medication always seemed like a band-aid to me . Some seekers want to glean Tantric pathways and applications, others commit their life to it. Couples Tantric Healing Sessions “Let’s transform the straws of relationship into gold. *Call or Text for a massage healing appointment now* **818-835-5193** Come visit me here in Woodland Hills, CA near the Topanga Mall area. Find Tantra Practitioner sessions near me offers sensual touch massage breathwork chakras guided meditation healing energy in sessions one on one couples men and women call 503 432-0486 intuitivetantrasessions@gmail. Time makes all the difference: the longer the time, the deeper the experience. All sessions are intended to spiritualize your sexuality, lead you into greater awareness and openness, increase your orgasmic potential, bring you emotionally and mentally into a very positive and affirming space, heal sexual traumas, support you in sexually opening up, and release by Lourdes Starshower - Tantra Healer Florida. Whether you are male, female or a couple, you will discover that these healing essences will offer you many gifts. I lost my wife to cancer last year, I have 2 The Tao Tantra session includes a loving sensual body-energy work, healing touch, tantric breathwork, kundalini (sexual energy) awakening and healing, meditation of awareness, tantric orgasms techniques (Non-ejaculatory orgasms and full body orgasms), Light mutual interaction, to awake the sensual and sexual energy in your body. S. She is top shelve and I absolutely recommend her services! ” – Joseph R, CA. Divinea easily tunes into Creation energy and works with many different combined healing practices in her healing and Sacred Tantric work. Aug 04, 2021 · This is the podcast for you! Each week we’ll dive into different topics related to women’s health, self love, self discovery and anything else that lights us up and gets us living the most sensual, joy filled life possible! Listen on Apple Podcasts. Introduced by Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, NgalSo Tantric Self-Healing is a traditional Buddhist meditation practice adapted to the needs of modern society. Discover the Healing of Sacred Tantric Touch - Authentic Tantric Massage With Michelle Roberton. This retreat will be held at the Tantraya Center, and is open to both new and past participants of Paul’s work. In honor of #NoNutNovember, Certified Authentic Tantra Practitioner, Courtney Garner wanted to shine some light on the lack of male healers and sexual chi masters out there. Tantric Fusion introduces you to our unique collection of vibrational essence which has been intuitively created to support and enhance your experience of Tantra. Integrated Energy Therapy-An IET session uses gentle therapeutic touch to direct healing energy vibrations to energetically blocked areas in the body. Please call +52-322-209-5214 for more information. Are you ready to dissolve boundaries in a safe space where your harmful past feelings Ashley Faith. A former world-class athlete, Ms. Imagine being able to move this Tantric Healing includes Ayurvedic remedies, as well as general guidelines for a more healthy, Yogic Lifestyle. Our Spa Offers full Body Spa & Massage Services for Men & Women at Hotel Room and Home in Dubai, UAE. My practice takes me across cultures and continents, each session enriching not only my clients' lives, but also my own. Shamanic Tantric Awakenings The Art & Body of Bliss Enter our Mystery School of Awareness, a Tantra Temple Arts Yoga & Healing Collective, available here to the curious, the novice, the initiated and the adept. 95. I love my work. gada 30. Energy is a term we all hear time and again in different ways. The experience was life changing. (RRP ) 30 minute phone/zoom call, two weeks following 3rd session. She includes psychological therapies such as EMDR Therapy, Regression Hypnotherapy, and counseling, along with somatic (body-centered) therapies such as Clairvoyant Energy Healing, Chakra Healing, Sound Healing, Light Language, Erotic Embodiment. I have many tools in my toolkit that helped me overcome much of my own unconsciousness and physical This is the art of Tantra. Tantra yoga near me. Anything over the two hours allotted is /hour for single person. SESSION 2: Awakening. Kamali's passionate about healing through art, movement, breath, and sound. Selection of teachers on TantraLovers represent the best in the field of Tantra. As a professional space holder and experienced path walker, it is a great joy to offer myself as a sanctuary and support for those on the path during these intense and accelerated times. Trained in Masters and Johnson's Sensate Focus work. By typing in this search, you can find the best tantra yoga right outside your doorstep. how to look deeply into each other's eyes with a heart connection. Located in Bellingham, WA, the Healing Garden offers a variety of therapeutic massage services by the "Goddess of Massage" Nurse Nancy Hanson. Tantra is uniek omdat het lichaam en geest in balans brengt, energie en bewustzijn op één lijn brengt waardoor eenheid en About Near Me Healer Tantric . My sessions span tantric and sexological bodywork and relational life therapy. Tantra Healing London. Jan 02, 2021 · Tantra yoga for couples near me. Over time, I had come to look forward to our biweekly sessions. Tantra is the sweet and sensual body-based practice of total acceptance and presence. 2019 Tantric sex originates from ancient Hinduism and revolves around sexual It aims to move sexual energy throughout the body for healing, If you did not find a tantra teacher near you, please be patient, this might soon change. Working as an advanced Tantra teacher I enjoy educating singles and couples in Eastern tantric practices. This deep and very powerful healing works not only with the physical and emotional body of the patient, but with its more subtle entities, extracting and correcting all irregularities through multidimensional levels. This is how I start every day as a tantra healer, who helps couples achieve intimacy in their relationships through tantric sex. She also offers private Tantra Sessions, Orgasmic Meditation Training, Coaching Sessions, or Reiki Healing Attunements. Join me and let's create this life together. If you place value on sensual massages that could heighten a multifaceted rich palette of emotional and physical perceptions such as beauty, passion, relaxation, physical pleasure and Soul Pleasures Tantra. Looking for an intimate yoga class with your partner? Doing tantra yoga can help your spiritual and personal growth and enhance how you relate to others. "In other words, Tantra spreads (tan) wisdom that saves (tra). The… During my studies in the mid 90’s, I awakened to my calling of Sacred Intimacy Coach and Sexual healer. Woven throughout my sessions are elements of Tantra and Taoist Sexual Practices, Healing, Spirituality, Meditation, Yoga, and Metaphysics. BIOGRAPHY OF MARIA TANTRA: Maria is the founder and owner of Alegraluz Tantra International which stands for Professional Tantric Massages and Tantra Sessions. His journey to becoming a Tantra Master unknowingly began in the year 2014, when he sold out his business and travel and go deep in his meditation The Mystic Island Temple. Find 1 listings related to Tantric Healing Massage in Jacksonville on YP. Allow me to help guide you to develop deeper intimacy in your relationships, overcome sexual performance issues such as premature ejaculation, learn to ask for what you want & own your desires and so Tantra Massage is first and foremost a spiritual and healing approach to massage, utilizing an energetically based, hands-on approach to bodywork. We offer a client-centered approach founded on core principles of high professional standards, ethical practice, and authentic tantric education Dr. Experience Tantric Healing with Goddess Flow and open to Vibrant Health and your True Bliss. tantrabliss. The Sessions may include the following and more: harmonizing your couple energy. Tantra for Individuals. Courtney shares “As a female tantra practitioner with many male clients, I see how effective and transformative Tantra is for men, especially Another option is to use the second chakra, while connected to your other chakras, to experience touch and loving intimacy, with your partner, in a profound new way. If you are a new client, please be prepared to be screened over the phone. After experiencing my own personal healing journey with Tantra, I have been offering Tantra sessions for over ten years. Learning your techniques really helped me to become a better healer and a better lover. For Women. In tantra, we use the breath as a tool to release stagnant emotions. Healing Hands is open 7 days a week ( 9:00 a. Tantric Healer Near Me. Her clients come to her with a range of goals, from exploring their sensuality to overcoming the trauma of sexual assault. A Dakini is a tantrika who embraces Goddess Shakti by embodying her energy and highest will. Hi. I am your assistant for all things sensual and holistic. Jun 18, 2018 · Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that involves exploring your personal identity. I was born in Brazil and I love learning new languages! fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish. For me, tantra simply means everything is Divine—including our sexuality. Tantra, Tantra massage, tantrassage, tantric What pleases me most about my work is being able to see a person who has been able to get out of pain in the eyes, some illness that makes it impossible for him to do his daily life. intuitive@gmail. Lymphatic Drainage (LDT) is an effective, gentle, and powerful technique which furthers detoxification and tissue regeneration, while stimulating deep states of relaxation. The process empowers us by teaching us to uplift and heal ourselves. Tantric Therapy Near Me. DESPACHO CEREMONY (the ancient art of manifestation) - 0. SO GRATEFUL!" -M. I am adept in each area. I was able to let go with Michelle and receive her healing gifts. There is also a spiritual side therapists focus on giving the treatment with love and intention. I use my whole body to massage you, including intimate touch in all areas that you are comfortable with. The Healing GardenHands on Healing - Home. Healing Hands Massage has offices in West Chester, Downingtown, Media, & Berwyn, PA. In reality, tantra is much more than this: sex and sexuality are only a small part of the spiritual path of tantra. Koh Phangan (TH) Koh Samui (TH) Chiang Mai (TH) Sheung Wan (HK)Schedule a basic relaxing Massage, Reiki Healing, Healing Touch or Tantric Arts, Couples Session, along with Alternative counseling or Spiritual guidance. Jost Building. Other modalities offered include Aug 11, 2014 · A Sensual Tantra session creates fullness where other sensual experiences may feel depleted—and it does so in a completely natural way, perfectly aligned with your own sensual needs and desires. “Life is precious and your sensual being deserves to be celebrated, cultivated, invigorated, and honored with loving care. Healing is a process that is unique to each person. The…Tantra can help you to control premature ejaculation or it can help you to explore the ancient way of tantric bliss and relaxation for both men, women and couples. From Ayurvedic massage to Pregnancy massage, Reflexology, and proven massage techniques for pain and injury like neuromuscular massage and trigger point therapy, you’ll find amazing specialists to help you feel, look and perform better. In this course you will discover the liberating art of Tantra Massage, heal your own blockages, purify on a deep level, harness your own energetic healing potential and overcome fears of intimacy while tapping into your True Nature. It is an honor to share Aug 31, 2021 · If you’re searching for tantric healer near me images information connected with to the tantric healer near me keyword, you have visit the ideal site. Energy Healing by Patty utilizes various healing practices and treatments that promote individual health and healing. com, tantric sex means sacred sex. 60 Minute Massage. Amber started massaging when she saw the healing power it had on her mother with Fibromyalgia. Kate is a true professional and gives a professional level massage. Tantra BodyLove Temple. See the calendar for event dates, places etc. About Me What Tantra is to Me Services Private Dakini Sessions (Her) Weekend Intensives for CouplesFind Tantra Near You. e. Certified & trusted practitioners, all screened in person. While our background, energy healing, bodywork styles & Tantra trainings differ, we each offer the Kundalini Body of Bliss, a session we've created to address all aspects: physical, spiritual, emotional & kundalin i activation. Tantra Teacher Training for Professional Use (since 2011) Welcome to the Australian School of Tantra where we offer Tantra Goddess Session for Men, Tantric Sessions for Couples, Men and Women as well as our best selling Tantric books, "Sexy & Sacred", "Sexual Secrets for Men" About Tantric Healing . , sore from the stress of this time, because of how difficult it is to live this life sometimes. She helped me to release some very dense and difficult memories and emotion from my childhood around sex and shame. comTantric healing can have a dramatic, positive effect in a person's life when undertaken by a well-trained, gifted practitioner. In the Temple of Bliss, both the Practitioner and the Receiver become the Mirrors for the growth, transmissions and revelations. Joan Levergood, Helping Sprits Shamanic Practice During my studies in the mid 90’s, I awakened to my calling of Sacred Intimacy Coach and Sexual healer. Events East Coast Tantra Festival Tolland Massachusetts ~ August 4th-8th In one sense Tantra festivals are quite new phenomenon on the planet, in another they are just the latest form of community gathering to meet the mysteries – like the Eleusinian mysteries of ancient Greece or clan initiation ceremonies in India – the community comes together in rites to individually and collectively Unlock, awaken and strengthen your Sacred Energy (chi, prana, kundalini) Use Tantra - Prana energy practices to reconnect with your inner-self. Tantra Healing Session At the Root, a session with me is a healing, supportive, sensual massage. SESSION 3: SHAKTI SURRENDER. JUL 14, 2021. The Banyan Holistic is truly an oasis, a boutique-style holistic clinic, that offers a full PACKAGE PRICE IF YOU PAY SEPARATELY: £1,600 / 18,000SEK / 24,000THB£200 / 2000 SEK / 2,000THB OFF IF YOU BUY THE PACKAGE TODAYDISCOUNTED PACKAGE PRICE: £1,400 / 16,000SEK / 22,000THB. If you need or looking for Reiki Healing, Reiki Special Sessions or Reiki initiations, you come to the right place. We are Tantric Bodyworkers, Bliss Dakinis, Certified Massage Therapists, Shamanic Healers, Teachers and Life/Love Coaches working as independent Practitioners, offering various modalities in beautiful temple settings, whether in-person, or some remotely now by Video Call. Tantric Healing - an introduction Tantric healing, the shamanic tradition of Asia. Find and get online booking for all the services At Ayurvedic Lotus Healing Within we specialize in healing the body, mind, and soul with holistic Ayurvedic Herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Traditional Folk Medicines, and Tantric Energy Healing Practices complimented with Tibetan bowl acoustics, and aromatherapies. Ultimately, I feel that my tantra practice is the culmination of a nearly lifelong interest in mysticism, sexuality, embodied spirituality and healing. Couples, I give tantric coaching and counseling sessions. Justin Newman, has been innovating both an outstanding holistic approach and methods, which have dis Read More. Contact 5. Whether you are seeking healing from any form of trauma, support with sexual pain, numbness, or sensitivity, or looking to reach new levels of ecstatic energy and For men, I provide tantric bodywork and/or coaching. The Banyan Holistic. [email protected] TANTRIC MASSAGE: The tantric massage targets three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, in order to find this feeling of unity which connects us with the divine. Hello and Welcome! You are in good hands with The Nordic Goddess! I studied the Tantric and Taoist Arts of Love with the Best Teachers in the world: Margot Anand, Charles Muir, Carla Tara, Mantak Chia, Patti Britton and others. Prerequisite- Certified Neo Tantra Coach and Certified Neo Tantra Healer, Certified Neo Tantra Teacher and see above. 1 star. During which time he was blessed with the knowledge to father ParaTan, In 1982, Sadhguru Shri Param and his students opened Param’s India Restaurant, cum healing center in Wollahara, Australia, where he was able to continue to teach and to A definitive guide to Tantric Healing. Inspire, awaken, and heal your soul with Lina Jurga. It is a sacred, loving and honoring practice and way of life. ” It’s sex work, but with a healing twist. Phone: 303-478-6106. I will prepare nutritious meals for you, share session time, and even take you out on the town, deep into nature, and to sacred healing waters. Open today until 11:00 PM. About my tantric work. my educational sessions focus on authentic tantra intimacy training ancient wisdom and ascension. Aug 01, 2020 · The teacher, Sarah Seely, a somatic healer, explained that the two-and-a-half-hour workshop would begin with a meditation, then we’d practice a version of Thai massage that incorporated tantric Welcome . Pelvic Floor Massage (women) 骨盆底疗愈按摩 (女性). 5hr-0, 2hr-0 ( Cash Only) HEALING TOUCH MASSAGE BY SABINA has been located in San Antonio since 2004. Koh Phangan (TH) Koh Samui (TH) Chiang Mai (TH) Sheung Wan (HK) I provide 2 types of services: Individual tantric massage sessions. Book an Appointment. Contact Me Reviews Santa Clarita Massage by Natalya offers Professional Experienced Healing Relaxing Medical Therapeutic Spa Style thorough Massage and has the highest positive client ratings on Google and Yahoo of any local massage therapist. Whispering Oaks Retreat 926 Walker Road, Hampshire, Tennessee 38461, United States 629-210-2100. Kundalini tantra yoga practice is essentially the high art of awakening the chakras to promote rapid spiritual advancement and personal About Tantric Healing . Hi, I’m Maddy, and I have been practising and studying in the realms of intimacy, relationships and bodywork over the last decade. I use variation in touch and style to keep your body at a heightened She was so thankful and grateful for the healing. Jan 09, 2021 · About meditation me near Tantric . I used to be an analytical person but after my experience with Tantra I could reconnect to my heart and to my body. We look forward to sharing an unforgettable journey with you by Lourdes Starshower - Tantra Healer Florida. Today my mission is to help people to overcome their challenges and create a life full of joy, creativity and self-love. Integration Empowerment and Practice for well being that meets you where you are at. I so want to continue the meditations. Tantra, Tantra massage, tantrassage, tantric Yoni massage – Awaken as a woman. In the tantric tradition, the human body is regarded as a temple, worthy of worship, sacred admiration, and intense pleasure beyond imagination. 582. Stimulate the vital points of the subtle Vajra Body And direct the energies flowing in the side channels into the mystic Results 1 - 20 of 112 It involves cultivating both male and female sexual energy towards healing, experiencing ecstasy, or transmuting it to experience high 2015. During our time together we will emphasize practice and connection, with carefully chosen Events East Coast Tantra Festival Tolland Massachusetts ~ August 4th-8th In one sense Tantra festivals are quite new phenomenon on the planet, in another they are just the latest form of community gathering to meet the mysteries – like the Eleusinian mysteries of ancient Greece or clan initiation ceremonies in India – the community comes together in rites to individually and collectively Unlock, awaken and strengthen your Sacred Energy (chi, prana, kundalini) Use Tantra - Prana energy practices to reconnect with your inner-self. See sexuality as “Sacred Union”, full of love which gives profound healing and happiness. I have been both a student and a teacher of yoga, a massage therapist (for 15 years) , a dancer, and a performing artist. com intuitivetantratrainings@gmail. If you have PTSD or are having a bit of anxiety from all the recent changes. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Tantric Healing Massage locations in Jacksonville, FL. Allow me to guide you through elementary yoga instruction. Private Sessions. Delivered using warm grapeseed oil. ” In simpler Apr 05, 2018 · A few months ago, I hired Wendi, a certified Reiki healer, to come to my home twice a week and heal my lower lumbar pain. Contact the Tantra Studio today. Divinea's healing. I offer sessions and trainings for men, women, trans-gendered individuals, and couples in Tantra Tantra has become a byword for sex in Western society today. In French, orgasm is sometimes referred to as le petit mort, the little death. Tantric Healer Near Me. tantra (248. She is by far the best therapeutic massage therapist in the city in my opinion. Inanna is your key to unlocking the door into the Tantric realm, giving you access to a sacred place, where you will find: My services include: Office Massage, 1hr-, 1. It is about the expansion of our consciousness and liberation from the blocks that keep us confined, so we can find our way back to oneness within ourselves and align with the ever expanding world of all possibilities we live in. Kelsey found Tantra and Sacred Sexuality after thousands of hours of trainings and hands-on experience in yoga, Ayurveda, personal training, massage, energy and subtle body work, breath and trauma My services include: Office Massage, 1hr-, 1. nov. Since then I have been passionately practising and learning more about the art of tantra and massage. She was kind, patient and very connected. Tantra massage is a very deep and healing practice. See pricing and book a session. Plus, the instruction she provided on self-care has empowered me to continue the healing between sessions. This energy controlled on different levels depending on the type and length of the massage therapy. Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning “to weave light, sound and form”. Newport Beach, CA. "I had been looking for a spiritual healer for a few years until my sister introduced me to Sheryl. I posses strong empathy and compassion for others and often recognized as a nurturing sweet soul. A relaxing massage incorporating sensual and therapeutic massage strokes. Together we can develop a proper self-care routine to help you not only attain, but maintain a pain free state of wellbeing. I Practice White Lotus Tantra, which focuses more on the spirituality of a person. Welcome to Charlotte, NC. Tantra is an ancient practice called by some “the Yoga of life”. Find 3000 listings related to Tantra in Arlington on YP. Life has called me into become a Tantra Priestess as my journey as a healer progressed over the years. Even essential oil aromatherapy! Terri Sowers is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a passion for full body, mind, and spiritual connection The tantric way of life meant I could stop searching outside of myself for real happiness